All along the river path, people search for the outside. They escape their homes and their towns to find either serenity or adventure. Not content with conventional parks, they seek a unique experience in unexpected green spaces.

On the edge of a town, spiked green blades grow knee-high, where they would have previously been cut to 2mm. A meticulously-kept ground appears to have come to ruin; its billiard-smooth, grassy-green expanse now interrupted with unrestricted growth.

Small groups sit and enjoy the sunshine, talk at a distance. They have trodden new paths to get here and flattened grass into patterns across a once-pristine course. With work routines a distant memory, they reconnect with nature: they move more slowly, discover the tiny marks now apparent. An uncountable variety of plants grow in this newly-feral landscape of texture. What was once a golf course has become a unique biodiverse park.

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